• The 25 Day Cleanse is challenging, but the results are fantastic. It lasts 25 days and involves a number of practices that we will teach and guide you through on a day-to-day basis.

    Personally, this is my favorite cleanse. After I complete this program I always feel and look my best. Most people report weight loss; increased immune function; healthier skin, nails, and hair; and increased energy.

    Although challenging, this cleanse should not get in the way of your family or career responsibilities, and you can always take a break anytime you need to - which we encourage. Even participating in a few of the activities and practices recommended will be beneficial to you.

    Various vitamins and supplements are recommended throughout this cleanse and can be purchased through OnTheCleanse or at your local health food store.

    At the end of this cleanse we expect that you will feel and look better - friends will take notice; you will have learned a great deal about the foods you eat, your body, and healthy living; and you will learn all the basic "how to's" of cleansing so that you might continue to reach your optimal health goals after this experience!

    When: Student selects start date.