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I participated in my first cleanse in 2001. I was going through a particularly stressful period in my life when my sister gave me the gift of a cleanse for Christmas. It was a six-week cleanse and the body and mind results were phenomenal for me. As a result I became a firm believer and advocate of the health benefits of cleansing. As I participated in more cleanses over the years, one of the problems I found with cleansing was knowing what to do, when, and how. As a Web application developer I decided to build a system that would not only allow people to cleanse in an intuitive manner, but also learn from and support one another through the process... and OnTheCleanse was born.

I earned his MBA in International Business and BS in Finance from Bentley University. My professional experience includes entrepreneurial, business counseling, technical consulting, Web development, and IA/UX experience. In 1996 I founded and successfully operated EOTS Productions, a Boston based music concert production and event planning company. I also worked for the Small Business Administration as a minority business counselor specifically targeting and assisting US Hispanic businesses and entrepreneurs; Oracle Corporation as a Financial Applications Consultant; and Fidelity Investments as an Information Architect and mobile applications front-end developer. OnTheCleanse represents the culmination of these experiences, as well as my personal desire to stay healthy and share the opportunity with others.

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If anyone has any suggestions or comments about this web application send me feedback through the feedback link at the bottom of every page. I have Teflon skin and welcome any kind of constructive criticism.

Having fun with friends, being with family, traveling, meeting new people, music.

Bob Marley, Rock, Good oln Roll, New Order, Techno and House

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Bentley University - 1998
Bentley University - 1992

Georgetown Prep School - 1987

Technology, Education, Health

Ojala International - President